The Dietetic department offers experience in a wide range of specialist areas in a variety of roles supporting the Health Board’s priority for high quality patient centred care.

The Dietetic department includes Dietitians, Health Care Support Workers and Administration staff providing evidence based advice to patients, carers and staff to treat disease, prevent nutrition related health problems and promote good health.

Dietetic staff work with both adult and paediatric patients and provide services across the whole health board from hospital to the community.

The service works alongside a variety of other Allied Health Professionals such as Speech & Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, as well as nursing and medical staff. This allows the opportunity for all staff members to work jointly as a multidisciplinary team for holistic patient care.

We are a supportive, motivated and forward thinking department who encourage our staff to develop their knowledge and skills to the highest level, offering opportunities for learning from within and outside the department.

As well as working across the whole health board, we are actively involved with service and health care developments at regional and national levels.