Starting a new career in a new country needn’t be daunting thanks to the “unparalleled support” offered by Cwm Taf University Health Board, said Dr Jayabharathi Sakamudi.

The consultant paediatrician, based at Prince Charles Hospital (PCH), said that the health board was an extremely welcoming environment helping new starters to quickly feel at home in their surroundings.

Dr Sakamudi is all too aware of the stress and worries associated with moving to a job in a new country, having moved from India to begin her post-graduate paediatrics training in London, before moving on to Cwm Taf UHB.

She said: “When I first got here it was a bit challenging but once people got to know me I made friends very quickly. Everyone is great, especially the nursing staff.”
Dr Sakamudi said that Cwm Taf University Health Board is the ideal setting for doctors looking to start a career in the UK as they are supported both professionally and personally when they start in their role.

The consultant paediatrician added: “We have a few doctors coming straight from India and one from Syria. CTUHB support them really well, we really look after them. They are coming from a totally different place and we need to look after them as much as we can.
Cwm Taf USB Personal profile- Dr Jayabharathi Sakamudi.

“When they first arrive, we also provide them with accommodation, so they don’t need to worry. Cwm Taf UHB also provides them vital experience in a not too stressful environment, so they get all the experience of working in a hospital environment without it being too busy.

“I have been there and people looked after me. That really built my confidence levels and that would be really important for them too.

“If they need help we are always there for them.”

It is the supportive environment and friendly atmosphere that initially attracted Dr Sakamudi to Cwm Taf UHB.

She said: “I wanted to be part of a supportive team and Cwm Taf UHB has that in abundance. That was one of the main things that attracted me to the health board. We are one big family.”

Its focus on her area of expertise, Paediatrics and Diabetes, was also a significant draw for Dr Sakamudi. She said: “The Paediatrics and Diabetes departments at PCH are doing better than any hospital in the country. PCH has really good outcomes for diabetes control, that is something the health board has gained a reputation for and is evident when I attend peer reviews with consultants from the Vale and those across the UK.”

Thanks to her passion for the role, Dr Sakamudi has excelled and is a member of a number of related organisations outside of Cwm Taf UHB, including Welsh Paediatric Society.

She said: “Understandably, it can be daunting when you are looking to start a career in a new hospital, or even a new country. However, sincejoining Cwm Taf UHB I have never looked back.”

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