Cwm Taf University Health Board isrenowned for its progressive radiology department.
Its cutting-edge department performs over 300,000 radiology examinations per year split across five world-class sites.

Each site features state-of-the-art equipment aimed at enhancing patient treatment including 12 ultrasound machines, gamma cameras, four mobile imaging intensifiers, an MRI scanner, and two CT scanners.

Its investment in enhancing diagnostic standards through the radiology department showcases its commitment to driving the quality of healthcare across Wales.

The health board is also home toa multi-million pound Diagnostic Hub, which is helping to enhance future patient care while boosting radiology training standards.

Here four of our radiography professionals explain why they love working at Cwm Taf UHB …

Kadie Evans – General Radiographer (Prince Charles Hospital)

“I decided to join Cwm Taf UHB after undertaking two placements here and just loving it.

“The one thing I really liked after joining was that the perceptual preceptorship period is quite unique and you receive a lot of support. I think that is so important for newly qualified radiographers because you are never set free in your first few months of work, which can be quite intimidating.

“The other thing which sets Cwm Taf UHB apart is that if you are looking to specialiset in a particular area, everything is on offer to you within the health board. Cwm Taf really gives you plenty of opportunities to develop your skillset and work across diverse areas.

“Throughout my role the one thing I really love is that you never feel like you are alone, and you have got the support you need no matter how big or small the problem is.”

Helen Yule – Consultant Radiographer (Royal Glamorgan Hospital)

“I am extremely pleased to be working as a Consultant Radiographer specialising in breast at Cwm Taf UHB, as there aren’t many of us.

“It is great to see that the health board has embraced the consultant practice, which not many other places have done.

“It really demonstrates Cwm Taf’s innovative nature and insistence on delivering the best standards for its patients.

“In terms of ultrasound and clinical breast evaluation, we are also more than happy to support the training aspect to ensure the next generation of radiographers can undertake this valuable work.”

Geraint Rees – MRI Radiographer (Royal Glamorgan Hospital)

“When I joined Cwm Taf UHB, Iwas lucky enough to get a place working as a senior radiographer in MRI which saw me progress to a Band 6 in a relatively short amount of time.

“The one thing that attracted me is that Cwm Taf is always at the cutting edge of innovation, which we have seen demonstrated through the creation of the new diagnostic hub.

“This will provide more opportunities for more general radiographers or outside radiographers to work in an advanced MR area.”

Stuart Baines – Specialist Radiographer – Reporting Lead

“Cwm Taf UHB is incredibly supportive of its staff’s aims and provides lots of opportunities for radiographers to develop advanced practice roles.

“As a professional within the department, I feel very invested in and supported, and I think that is a view which is shared by many of my colleagues.

“The Radiology department is incredibly forward thinking and we have seen lots of investment within the health board in terms of the diagnostic hub.

“The other thing which is great about working here is the location. Many sites are just a stone’s throw from world class beaches, with Cardiff just a relatively short drive away, giving you the best of both worlds.”

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