Having worked at CTUHB as a medical student, Nerys Conway knew instantly this is where she wanted to be.

After undertaking Registrar training the South West, the Consultant in Acute Medicine immediately set out to return to the health board that “felt like home”.

She said: “I worked here as a junior doctor and found it very friendly and supportive. I really feel it gives you a chance to thrive and shine.

“There’s something slightly unique here, I feel like everyone knows everyone, it’s a close-knit community.

“Everyone is there to support each other from the consultants to the cleaning staff – everyone works as a team. There’s a real philosophy of togetherness.

“Because I had that experience before, even in medical school I always liked coming here. They are a really good bunch of people and good consultants.”

One of the biggest attractions for Nerys, from Cardiff, was the “grass roots” feel of the health board, with many students from local universities attending.

She said: “Many of the positions, from nurses to a lot of other people there, went to local universities, so there is a real sense that they try and look after their own. That says a lot about the health board if you can attract staff back there for long-term positions. In our office a lot of us are Cardiff graduates.

“I came here as a student and decided to come back – that says it all. I wanted to come back somewhere I would feel at home. I wanted to be with a bunch of guys I knew and liked and got on with.”

Since returning to CTUHB as a consultant at Royal Glamorgan Hospital she has thrived in her role relishing the opportunity to work among one of the country’s best facilities in her specialism.

“We have one of the largest Acute Medicine units in the South West and south Wales,” she said.

“We have a 9am to 7pm consultant led ambulatory care unit. Half of the consultants are trained in some form of ultra sound; and we have an 8am to 10pm seven-day service that’s consultant led – here we are all about providing the best care for our patients and constantly aim to enhance what we do.”

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