Rising through the ranks and achieving success is one of the most important aspects that anyone starting a new role is looking to achieve.

And when it comes to Cwm Taf University Health Board, career progression is not just supported, it’s encouraged.

The health board has an abundance of opportunities and educational schemes enabling its junior staff to progress quickly within their specialisms and achieve their professional goals.

But don’t just take our word for it, hereour physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and radiology team members discuss their career progression at Cwm Taf University Health Board.

Alex Gigg
Occupational therapist


“Working at Cwm Taf means that when you find a career path that you are passionate about, you’re fully supported in it. Cwm Taf offers a unique opportunity to undertake both a Band 5 and a Band 6 rotation, which enables staff to experience a wide range of settings before making up their mind about where they would like to specialise.

“A lot of staff have been very well supported to do their Masters Degrees, I have been lucky enough to do that myself and I have been fully supported to reach my full potential by being given additional study leave.

“There really is nowhere like Cwm Taf when it comes to supporting career progression.”

Geraint Rees
MRI Radiographer


“I was lucky enough to get a place working as a senior radiographer in MRI, which progressed me to a Band 6 in a relatively short amount of time.

“One thing that always strikes me is how quickly I have seen colleagues rise through the ranks into Band 6, which is fantastic, and shows the potential for growth here at Cwm Taf.

“The introduction of the Diagnostic Hub also creates more opportunities for general radiographers or outside radiographers to work in an advanced MR setting, which will inevitably pave the way for further career progression and skills growth.”

Shani Freeke


“Cwm Taf presents you with so many opportunities at an early stagewhich allow you to gain the knowledge and skills you require to progress through the Bands extremely quickly.

“At the health board there is an emphasis on learning and finding out about the latest cutting edge techniques, which makes Cwm Taf an exciting place to work, which you really want to achieve success in.

“One of the unique features when joining the health board, which I personally found beneficial, was being able to complete a respiratory rotation before going on call. That was really attractive to me and something that I think is quite special about this health board. These rotations are four months long, and they structed to allow you to move through the different areas quite quickly.

“Thanks to this approach you don’t feel you are stuck doing something that isn’t relevant to what you want to do, and you gain a variety of skills in an engaging and interesting way.

“As a result of Cwm Taf’s focussed approach to ensuring its staff are constantly learning and progressing, it is normal to see many of your Band 5 colleagues rise through the ranks very quickly.

“Seeing this constant desire to succeed and achieve, makes you consider your own goals and career progression, and even if you don’t know quite where you’re going yet, you’ve always got one eye on the future.”

Ryan Hawkins


“At Cwm Taf the team are always on hand to discuss how you can take the next steps in your career.

“From a physiotherapy point of view, the health board offers a friendly, supportive and innovative environment where newly qualified members can develop their skills and grow into fantastic health professionals.

“I think Cwm Taf offers a really supportive environment, which is perfect for students looking to begin their careers in physiotherapy.

“It offers great opportunities for progression and personal development whilst also encouraging additional further studies to enhance your skillset, whether that be through external courses, or MSc studies.

“One of the aspects of working in physiotherapy at Cwm Taf which people love is the range of exciting rotations that are on offer. These offer the opportunity to undertake all types of physiotherapy work, from community, to acute management of MSK injuries in A&E.

“We find that our staff learn and grow so much from undertaking these rotations and develop the skills they need to succeed.

“I think Cwm Taf is the ideal place to learn from some of the most passionate and innovative health professionals, who can help you to achieve and reach your career goals.”

To find out more about recruitment opportunities at Cwm Taf University Health Board visit http://joincwmtaf.wales/join-us/

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